Let your users report bugs #ProductFangirl

Last month, I started using Waze Carpool and became a huge fan, primarily because this new product solves my biggest problem these days — commuting from San Jose to San Francisco. I have tried taking a cal train, but I hate how crowded it is in the mornings. Also, it was a painfully inefficient way to commute, as I had to drive or take Uber to get to the cal train station.  It just didn’t make any economic/ financial sense.

When I first heard about Waze Carpool, I was a bit hesitant to try it, as I was not sure how I would feel about sitting in a car with a total stranger for one hour. But, then I thought that it would not be a problem, considering the fact that I am a crazy extrovert to can talk about anything with anyone. (Or I can just shut up pretending that I fell asleep)

My very first ride was with a lovely lady who works as an accountant in downtown SF.  She was picking me up from San Jose en route to SF, and vice versa. (I will save more details for my future blog posts where I will talk about my experience with Waze Carpool a bit more).

In today’s post, I want to focus on one product feature that I found amazing. Since I work in tech, it is my habit to take screenshots whenever I see good product/ marketing features. Today, as usual, I tried to set a request for Waze Carpool for tomorrow morning. I wanted to select 6:00 am – 7:00 am as my pickup time. However, the app didn’t let me pick that time frame. It kept resetting the pickup time to 10:40 am – 11:40 am.


I took this screenshot above thinking that I should email this to Waze customer support.

Then… boom!

I saw this:


I typed a short sentence describing my bug and hit “preview” button. It showed me the preview feedback page that includes both my previous screenshot (with the pickup time error) and my feedback.

I was impressed.

It was the easiest bug report.

ps. If you work as a member of Waze (Google) product team, I want you to know that I am your product super-fan. and you are a genius to make this bug report so easy. Now please fix my bug 🙂



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