Startup: it is a beautiful mess

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.35.17 AM

It is a mess

Looking back at my one month as CEO at DearMissJ, I’ve realized that startup life is insanely stressful but insanely rewarding at the same time. Previously, I was working on the investment side and met tons of entrepreneurs. I was one of those annoying individuals who was good at pointing out his / her weakness.

Now, it is my turn to build something. I am trying to give the same harsh approach on my own business.  Do I understand my customers?  Is my target market big enough? Is my business scaleable?

Long story short, I want to share some ups and downs from my first month of startup experience.


When I had mock-ups for the DearMissJ mobile app, I almost cried! (Lesson: a good designer can make what you envision become reality, even though it is not 100% developed yet)

When I realized that my team trusts me.

6-hour coding session with the team on Friday night & late night snacks.

Productive Saturday high-tea meeting with the team. I had tea & tea cakes with my male co-founders, best tea-time ever: )

Feeling more confident that I know what I am doing.


Had to say NO to friends.

Had to be cheap (No more Whole Foods).

Missed friends’ birthday parties.

Couldn’t find the time to eat properly.

Woke up and felt like throwing up (because of stress).

Crazy sleeping schedule (I have no control, I am awake when my developers are working)

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