Watching Silicon Valley HBO

silicon valley HBO

Everyone around me started talking about the HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’. Last night, I finally had a chance to watch the first two episodes and I enjoyed the show.

My favorite part of the first two episodes is the scene where Richard (main character, hacker, startup founder & CEO) is trying to get funding for his startup. One investor shows interest but requests a well thought out business plan first. Poor Richard goes back to his office and googles “what is a business plan?”.

This cracked me up!

It is very similar to non-technical people googling “what is ruby on rails?” or “what is API?”

I have been in the tech world without having any technical degree. I asked so many stupid questions to developers and got embarrassed. But now looking back, that was the best way to learn quickly. When I saw that scene of Richard googling “what is a business plan?” It was funny, and it was also a good reminder that everyone has different talents.


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