My first sale on Etsy


2014.03.09 11:00AM PST. I sold a bracelet on Etsy!

My Etsy gig started because of my mom. Since my mom runs a fashion business in Korea, she has been sending me so many necklaces, bracelets and rings. I soon realized that it was too much for ONE girl to handle so I decided to sell them online.

And it was a bumpy road…

Step 1. Wasting Money: In 2012, I hired a web developer. (Back then, I didn’t know much about Ebay or Etsy. I thought that building an online shopping mall was the only & best option). I failed. The Indian team that I hired didn’t understand what I wanted. (Or, to be more accurate, it seemed like they didn’t know what an ecommerce website should look like.) I ended up paying the developers, but didn’t use the website.

Step 2. Wasting Time: In 2013, I gave up on building a nice website. Instead, I came up with a new plan “let’s take gorgeous photos so people can’t resist not buying them.” And I failed again. I was too ambitious. I flew to LA to take photos. I did modeling to show off my jewelry items. But it took so much time and energy. I learned

that human models aren’t necessary for good jewelry photos. Just taking a photo of bracelet is good enough. I didn’t have to go to Huntington Beach in LA to take photos with my bracelet on.

Step 3. SELL: In 2014, finally, I found the right platform. I spent 3 hours taking photos of my jewelry items with my friend; we uploaded 20 items (2-3 photos for one item).

2014. 03.09 My first sale on Etsy has been made! Making a small step in the right direction is much better than making big jump with no direction.

If you are curious about what I am selling, you can check out this site here:

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