SF marathon: Random Thoughts

photo (21)

People ask me questions like this “so….. what are you thinking while you are running? are you listening to music the whole time?”

Well, When I first started running, I needed loud music to keep me going. However, nowadays, I prefer running without any music. I focus on some thoughts/ things that have been bugging me. I think everyone has issues: should I break up with my girl/boy friend? should I quit my job? should I buy that BMW?. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give us enough time to digest the problem. We often rushed into a decision. I appreciate running not just because of ‘runner’s high’ but because it helps me to clear my mind. I cannot say that I make a best decision. But, at least, I feel confident about my decision because I had a enough time to fully think through the problem.

A lot of thoughts came to my mind since I spent more than 5 hours to finish 2013 SF marathon , Here are some thoughts I’ve got during the race: (made it as simple as possible)

How to live a successful and happy life?
1. Find your calling
2. Stay focus
3. Enjoy every second (remember, it was your decision, you gotta love it)

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